What Influences No Exam Life Insurance Rates?

Protecting our financial interests must be a priority for us. Economy plays an important role in our society and having sufficient funds is a requirement for the functionality of every family. Therefore, saving money is a logical action and many people have started using life insurance for this purpose.

Insurance2Standard policies exclude some categories of people, especially seniors and sick individuals. For them, the only option is to search for no medical exam life insurance. But this type of insurance is a bit expensive and there are certain elements that influence no exam life insurance rates.

Although it provides coverage for seniors, age is an important criterion for no medical exam life insurance companies too. Even they can refuse you if you are very old.  Companies that sell standard policies can accept clients with a maximum age of 50-60 years. No medical exam insurers can accept persons with a maximum age of 80-85 years. After this age, nobody will issue you a policy. And the older you are the pricier will be the premiums.

So, do not waste time and start searching for no exam policies.  Health is another important criterion. Again, no medical exam companies are more tolerant towards sick individuals and provide an adequate policy. But not for all of them, there are certain types of diseases that disqualify you from getting covered.

Terminal diseases, cancer and HIV/AIDS are on the list. Your habits will also influence the rates. Smokers are allowed to be clients, but they will be charged extra. The same thing is available for those that drink a lot. Dangerous activities like mountain climbing, ski-diving or scuba-diving will also influence the rates.

Before making any decision, we recommend you to visit some insurance websites and websites that offer life insurance quotes.  Compare prices, select several companies and contact them to ask more details about their fees and benefits.

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