No Exam Life Insurance

No Exam Life Insurancewe age, we have to think about our health and its implications on our friends and family. It’s important to keep active, eat healthy foods, and have a strong and clear mind. However, the time comes when even following all of these activities is not enough. Our bodies simply have an expiration date. When we pass away, we want to make sure that we have taken care of our family and our friends. We might not be there to comfort them emotionally, but we can make sure that we do everything in our power to make the transition easier on them financially.

No Exam Life Insurance is the best way to make this happen. However, many people feel that life insurance is out of the question for them. They think that they are simply too unhealthy to ever get favorable monthly rates and as a result tend to never look into life insurance at all. This is a huge mistake, simply because there are many different types of life insurance out there. For example, no exam life insurance is the best option for many of these people. No exam life insurance is exactly what it sounds like – there is no need for an introductory health examination before you negotiate a policy for life insurance with no medical exam.

No Exam Life Insurance: An Overview of Life Insurance with no Exam

Typically, life insurance companies like to do a health examination to get a picture of where the insured person is healthwise. This allows them to effectively calculate the date of death for you, and adjust their pricing accordingly. In fact, this is what actuaries do every single day – they create life and death tables for people with various conditions and lifestyle habits. If you’re someone who doesn’t have the best lifestyle habits out there and might be somewhat unhealthy, a life insurance policy that requires an examination is probably a scary thought. You might think that you will never be approved, or if you are approved, that the rates would be simply too high for you to afford.

If this sounds like you, you really need to take a look at no medical exam life insurance. It’s going to be more expensive as a default, simply because they will not have a good picture of your health when you agree to a policy. However, there is a very good chance it would be less expensive than a life insurance policy that does require an exam if you were to take it. They might discover that your health is less than amazing and adjust your policy rates upwards, possibly to the point of no return.

There are many people who get stuck in this trap because they are unhealthy now, but are working towards a healthier life in the future. Maybe they are losing weight at a fast rate, they quit smoking, or they stopped eating unhealthy foods. Even though they are making the transition to a healthier lifestyle, a lot of these people need life insurance now. They cannot afford to wait until they reach their healthy state and then apply to life insurance. They want to make sure that they’re covered in the event of their death from now until the point where they become healthy again. For these people, no exam life insurance is an absolute must. You can simply buy a short-term plan and then upgrade to a life insurance policy that requires an examination after you reach a healthier state of being.

As with all other types of life insurance, making sure that you’re getting the best rate is very important. Don’t just run out to the first no exam life insurance company you can find. There are a lot of these companies all around the country and world, so you have more selection than you can dream of. It would be a really silly mistake to get excited about your life insurance policy and then just hop on board with the first company that you see. Generally, you will be able to find better rates simply by shopping around and checking out the different policies and companies that are out there.

In that same vein, make sure to negotiate the best rates for yourself as possible. Life insurance quotes can be adjusted based on talking with an agent or explaining your situation in detail. The basic quote is simply a guideline that life insurance companies put out for people in situations similar to yours. Don’t take it on faith!

No Medical Exam Life Insurance: Your Best Option

By deciding to go with a no medical exam life insurance policy in lieu of no insurance policy at all, you’ve taken an important step towards ensuring the financial security of your loved ones. It can be a daunting task to face your own mortality, but after you’re gone there’s nothing for you to worry about. It’s your kids, your wife, husband, or grandchildren that you need to be worried about. They are the ones that must live on after you’re gone, and they are the ones that need to figure out how to deal with all the different financial problems that can crop up after a death.

For example, funeral costs alone put many families into bankruptcy if they do not have a bulk of savings. Your life insurance policy payout can be used to offset the cost of this funeral and tie up any loose ends or debts that were outstanding at the time of your death. You can rest in peace knowing that you have put them in the absolute best situation that you could given the circumstances. Sure, you might be gone, but they will mourn you and remember you fondly, especially if you have taken the time to make sure that they are protected financially. No exam life insurance and shopping around for the best rates is the best way to do this if you’re in a precarious health position.